Monday November 30 2020 @ 2:06 PM

I spent the evening of Black Friday taking pictures of manhole covers for bonus vitality points. I captured the apparent full history of AT&T break up and reformation. Lincoln park cover was pretty cool. Found a nice pair of well testing holes. Apparently there's texture/pattern for what kind of hole it is. Enjoy the fruits of my labor!


I just walking around for 1.5 hours taking pictures of manhole covers; which is, admittedly, weird.

Theres basically no one outside so I would just meander around the middle of the street.

Some guy asks me “are you alright?”

and I'mm like “yeah”

and he goes “are you sure?

I'm thinking maybe he thinks I'm drunk, considering I'm walking around the middle of the street.

So I get straight to the point and say it “I'm just looking at these manhole covers”

He continues: “do you need anything?”

I'm thinking 'jesus, just let me be!' but appreciate the concern

I respond “no, I’m good”

And he abruptly asks “do you want any drugs? any party starters?”

I'm like "What??"

And he removes his mask and shouts louder. DO YOU NEED ANY DRUGS?

On one hand relieved me that I no longer had to be nice to this guy that seemed worried about me and could just leave, but who the heck blurts that out on the street?