Wednesday September 9 2020 @ 9:05 PM

  • Loud, non-optional, non-mutable, sudden announcements from Cortana
  • Unnskippable forced usage of privacy violating Microsoft account
  • No ability to change network/wifi after setup so if wifi has captive portal, you’re effectively bricked
  • Numerous pages of confusing unilateral legalese
  • Sketchy ahead-of-time requests for sweeping privacy violating permissions
  • Loads of cutesy, unprofessional text without any progress indicators
  • Instead of baking the first account into the image, user must wait for account creation process to complete
  • Manual and tech support are online-only or the information is connected via a website. If the new computer is a replacement for a defective one and it’s the only way a user has to get online, this could be very bad