Monday September 24 2007 @ 11:35 PM

Last summer I decided to fix some problems in a series of Wikipedia articles. I fixed all these cyclic links, dead links, poor pages, etc related to this bug tracking software called Scarab. I did this all from my account.

A few hours later, I get on Wikipedia to look something up. I notice this “new message” thing. I click the link to my user discussion page and low and behold, this wikitroll (his signature: ) has reverted all my edits! I of course retaliate by posting this huge rant on his discussion page. At the end I called him an asshole for violating the spirit of Wikipedia. He of course proceeded to ban me for 48 hours due to a “personal attack”. He also posted all this crap on my user discussion page.

Flash to yesterday. I see all this crap on my discussion page and just delete it: all of it. The entire content of my discussion page, consisting entirely of this assholes bullshit, is gone.

Tonight I come home and I see “new message”. I think to myself ‘Oh great, wikitrolls are lurking about and going to come out of nowhere and wikirape me again’. To my utter surprise, it’s a warning that I shouldn’t blank other people’s user discussion pages. Apparently I erased my page anonymously. Thank god this guy (signature: ) came to the rescue and reverted the changes. And thank god he commented on my page wikipissing his holier-than-though wikicrap all over. How constructive, now I have to revert TWO pages. How wikidiculious.