Monday August 27 2007 @ 9:05 PM

Lets check out some abbreviated Wikipedia guidelines on signatures!

  • Be sparing with color
  • Be sparing with superscript or subscript.
  • In one case, a user who refused to alter an unsuitable signature was ultimately required to change it by the Arbitration Committee.
  • If you must use different colors in your signature...

If you must use color? What are these people thinking? "I REQUIRE color in my signature. I cannot sign something unless it is colored the way I want it to be!" Who do these people think they are? The most famous signature, John Hancock's, isn't in color, why does yours need to be? Why does it NEED to be?

Oh Wikipedians... Lets check out a typical UserPage!

Ah, WikiProject James Bond. Is there a WikiProject BanTools?


And finally, lets check out a discussion page!

It is all very important