Wednesday August 15 2007 @ 10:58 PM

Microsoft has decided on the following default setting for installing Windows updates:

  1. Download the updates in the background.
  2. Pop up a balloon stating that updates are ready to be installed.
  3. Wait for the user to accept the updates or wait until midnight, install the updates anyway, and kill all open applications including ones that have unsaved work open to allow for the restart.
  4. If the user is available and accepts the changes, minimize the status window and popup a balloon stating that the status has been minimized.
  5. After the updates have been installed, popup a window asking to reboot. If the user clicks no, ask again every ten minutes until either the user clicks yes or the restart request goes un-dismissed for five minutes. These reboot requests should steal focus, minimizing any full screen applications. If the five minute timeout passes without a dismissal, kill all applications including ones with unsaved work and restart.
  6. If a restart was forced the following message is displayed, completely ignoring the fact that work may have been lost.

    I propose changing the message to the following: