Wednesday March 7 2007 @ 1:11 AM

I anonymously posted on four Wikipedia user pages:

== Your signature ==
Your signature is inappropriate and distracting, please change it to the default.

Because their signatures looked like this:

It took sixteen minutes and six edits to my anonymous talk page for the anonymous alias of another user, Meteoroid (who by the way defaces Wikipedia on his user and talk page by means of CSS), to tell me I had made a personal attack on him. He did so by giving me a “final warning” of being “blocked from editing wikipedia”.

I was then accused of “act[ing] like an abusive Rent-a-Mod” by E. Sn0 =31337= (I am not kidding, that is this person’s username). He then said he may have offered his friendship (no thanks, seriously, look at your MySpace page) had I not “reconsidered [my] approach recognized [my] own right to be offended at other individuals' exercise of the free speech rights inalienable to all individuals at birth”. He continued: “I hereby decide against cessation, modification, or waiver of my free speech rights with regard to my sig; I also humbly request your recognition of this reasonable assertion of my rights and bring this discourse to an amicable close.”

Dale ( AKA E. Sn0 =31337= )

It’s too bad he isn’t as articulate on his MySpace profile:

A new note, right at the top of my profile, just in case it makes a difference: If you are a FUCKING advertiser, do not waste your fucking time on me. Do not waste my fucking time on me. Do not create fake profiles of hot girls (or guys in case you cunts try the gay angle) with no blogs, no imformation about themselves, and no alterations to their myspace page whatsoever. It's fucking transparent.

Any how, the funny and yet somewhat depressing part is:

  • I was expecting an immature response (such as this) from these so-called Wikipedians.
  • Meteoroid warned me anonymously and doesn’t even have admin rights to begin with.
  • Meteoroid couldn’t even warn me correctly the first 5 times he tried. He fudged up the template and messed up the formatting.
  • Meteoroid changed his signature anyway.
  • They all have been arguing at each other about their signatures even without my help.
  • Dale’s Userboxes.
  • And his MySpace page.