Saturday February 17 2007 @ 4:51 AM

Funny search results

First result for Google image search for 'trex'


Apple must have a lot of time on their hands to copy all my files via a floppy drive. We had 50 or so floppies for our 350MB HD backup back in the day. That would be 14 thousand floppies for a 20GB hard disk. That's almost 10 days if it's one floppy per minute all day/night long. Wowza. Thanks Apple!

What a nice screen shot of their product: The purchase a license screen. Nice jpeg compression too.

From Apple's service manuals. That is like 20 times as much heat compound as you need. It won't hurt anything if it's that much, but it's certainly going to make a mess.

A few good Windows errors

Thanks for the "warning". A thank you would have been a little more appropriate.

Does this really have to be said? It's like nothing happened.