Wednesday February 14 2007 @ 6:00 PM

The December MegaParty™ in Chicago was really fun. Keith stopped by on his way home from Oakland and Tom flew in from Omaha. Ed and Austin lived here so they didn’t even need to travel!

A few hours before Tom needed to get to the airport on his way home, we had an hour or two to kill. We were standing in front of Macy’s crazy horrible Mary Poppins bullshit window animation things trying to figure out what to do. We spent a good 10 minutes coming up with things we didn’t want to do and not coming up with anything we did want to do. I decided we would all at least go into Macy’s to discuss this.

It turns out that our Macy’s visit was one of the most memorable things we did all weekend! And here is why:

These amazing arrows are on all four sides of every directory column, every end of an escalator, on every column, and on every wall. There are probably many thousands of them around the store. And get this: EVERY SINGLE one of them is freely rotatable. You can rotate any one of them without any effort at all. So naturally, every one had one in four chances of pointing in the right direction since every one between the ages of five and 30 are drawn to them and instinctively want to turn them. They stick out of the surface about an inch. Whoever designed these things MUST have wanted this to be a huge social experiment. There is no way this person didn’t know about this amazing ‘feature’.

Oh my gosh! They turn!