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Version 0.11

Old version

This is not the latest version.



NoiseCaster emulates a Shoutcast server which streams various types of artifically generated noise. NoiseCaster also serves a webpage to gernate custom noise stream links with various configuration parameters.

Typical use case for NoiseCaster is to stream white/brown noise to Squeezeboxes or other internet radio compatible networked digital music players.

Configuration options:

  • Noise type: Brown/white
  • High cut and low cut
  • Volume setting and ramp duration
  • Stream encoding: MP3, AAC, FLAC, PCM, Vorbis (see below)
  • Playback buffer size
  • GC disable


NoiseCaster does not ship with encoders encumbered by patents. However, if NoiseCaster can discover installed encoders, they will be utilized. NoiseCaster will print out where it looked for encoders if it can't find them.