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I created the frontend code for the internationalized Kiwi Care website. The website was broken into various modules. The code for each module was developed to be as independent of the other modules as possible. The website was designed to be responsive so the same code would work on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The homepage, product index, and shoe care tip pages used sophisticated CSS techniques to minimize the use of JavaScript. The product grid module allows for variable-length product names using an unusual animated bottom-aligned text block. The product grid also includes dynamically expanding shoe-care tip boxes that expand to cover adjacent blocks, no matter where in the grid. The shoe-care tip module uses multiple classes to control many combinations of formats and designs.

Most art was delivered by an art team. I worked closely with the art team to remediate HTML/CSS/browser constraints.

The backend was developed by another team. I worked closely with the backend team to integrate backend and frontend code.

Technical summary

  • Took a few months during 2014
  • Javascript
  • Fully compatible with IE8, some graceful degradation